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5 Ways to Avoid Holiday Travel Stress | SuiteAmerica 800 367 9501

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5 Ways to Avoid Holiday Travel Stress | SuiteAmerica 800 367 9501

Need a place to stay during the holidays?

Whether you’re heading home or having company for the holidays, SuiteAmerica can provide the perfect fully furnished housing solution while saving you the headache and stress!

Here are several more tips to help you minimize stress during your travels.

Read on to learn 5 ways to avoid getting stressed while traveling for the holidays.

1. Avoid high traffic travel times

  • Try to fly or drive on the day of the holiday to minimize wait times, congestion, and high traffic times.
  • If you can’t avoid traveling during a high traffic time, try to leave early in the morning or late at night when traffic is minimal compared to the middle of the day.

2. Pack  only the necessary items

  • Don’t pack for a month when you’re only staying for a couple of days (We know…easier said than done!).
  • Plan out each day’s outfits a head of time and only bring the necessary accessories.
  • Flying to your destination? Pack travel size liquids (under 3.4 ounces), and don’t forget to put them in a quart size plastic Ziplock bag.

3. Make your reservation early to ensure availability and the best deal

  • Many airlines offer low rates to early birds. Tuesdays and Wednesdays are the best days to score decent prices on airline tickets.
  • SuiteAmerica offers their lowest rates of the year to those relocating during the holidays. But hurry because deals go fast!

4. Prep your car before your date of departure

  • Get your oil changed, tires rotated and properly inflated, and your gas tank is full. There’s nothing worse than car trouble that could’ve been prevented.
  • Pack a winter safety kit: an extra phone charger, ice scraper, chains, jumper cables, flashlight, sand or kitty litter, first aid kit, and blankets. Just in case car trouble does arise.

5. Feeling overwhelmed by all the details? Let SuiteAmerica take care of them for you!

  • We can arrange for transportation, housekeeping, groceries, and much more to be ready for your visit.
  • We can also customize your stay so that everyone, big and small, feels at home. Traveling with pets or kids? We offer packages for both to help ensure the smoothest transition.

SuiteAmerica provides fully furnished housing nationwide with great holiday discounts. Corporate housing is a great alternative to a traditional hotel room because it offers all the comforts of home. Our suites include kitchens stocked with utensils and cookware that are great to assist in holiday dinner preparations. There’s even a spot for a Christmas tree!

Wishing you safe travels this holiday season!


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