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5 Tips for a Smooth Job Transition | SuiteAmerica 800 367 9501

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5 Tips for a Smooth Job Transition | SuiteAmerica 800 367 9501

Relocating for a New Job?

Changing locations for your job or starting a new job in an unknown community can be stressful.

Not only will you be moving to a new neighborhood, but you will also have to adapt to a new work environment, new colleagues, and potentially, a new corporate culture.

These SuiteAmerica tips can help you successfully transition to your new job and workplace.

  1. Create a rapport with new co-workers

Invite new colleagues to coffee or lunch offsite, where both you and your new connections will be relaxed. Be friendly and respectful and allow others to do most of the talking. But be ready and willing to respond and participate in conversation.

2. Establish expectations with your boss

Build your credibility and quickly create value for your organization by defining what a win is in your boss’s eyes. What does she expect you to learn and accomplish? How quickly does she expect to see results? The more clarity you build around these issues, the easier your transition will be.

3. Show enthusiasm

In all the craziness of this big transition, remember to smile and be positive. While adjustments are never going to be completely seamless, it’s normal to experience some confusion and discouragement. Remember that these feelings will pass and keep a positive outlook, especially around coworkers. Showing enthusiasm for the job and being able to roll with the punches will make a huge difference in how you are perceived.

4. Be reliable

It takes weeks/months/years to build trust, but only a few minutes to lose it. Don’t dig yourself a hole right off the bat. Show up when you say you will, do what you promise, and help others when possible.

5. Avoid gossip!

You’re too new to get involved with who did what at the last holiday party. Your first few months should focus on proving your expertise and establishing yourself as a team player. While it’s important to be congenial and engage in small talk, graciously leave a conversation when the topic starts getting a little too gossipy.

Everyone undergoing a job transition and relocation has an adjustment period to make, and experiences some bumps in the road. Keep in mind that you were hired or were asked to relocate because your skill set will be a huge benefit to the new location. Small things like not knowing where the copier is, or forgetting exactly how to get to your cubicle, are indeed small things that you will overcome in no time!

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