SuiteAmerica | 5 Spots to See in Portland | SuiteAmerica 800 367 9501

5 Spots to See in Portland | SuiteAmerica 800 367 9501

5 spots in Portland | Visit Portland | SuiteAmerica | 800-367-9501

5 Spots to See in Portland | SuiteAmerica 800 367 9501

Relocating or temporarily living in Portland?

Then add these 5 fun and beautiful Portland spots to your weekend itinerary.

Here are SuiteAmerica’s 5 spots to see while you’re in Portland.

Known as The City of Roses, you’ll have many opportunities to spend time in Portland’s great outdoors and check out its quirky museums. Portland is also known for its funky, unique personality. Read on for our 5 favorite spots to visit in this colorful city.

5 spots in Portland | Visit Portland | SuiteAmerica | 800-367-9501Columbia River Gorge

At about 300,000 acres, the Columbia River Gorge is a year-round recreational area offering lots of outdoor activities. Bring your camera to capture the spectacular views and numerous waterfalls. Indoor activities for those rainy Portland days include wine tasting, art galleries, an interpretive center, beer sampling, and museums. Visit the Gorge website and view the calendar of events at

International Rose Test Garden

Another great outdoor spot is the International Rose Test Garden, located in Washington Park. The Garden houses over 7,000 rose plants and serves as a testing ground for new varieties. The roses represent many parts of the w

5 spots in Portland | Visit Portland | SuiteAmerica | 800-367-9501

orld and are tested for color, fragrance, disease resistance, and other things. It’s the oldest continuously operating public rose test garden in the United States. Open daily with free admission. For hours and specifics, visit

Hollywood Theatre

Open since 1926, the Hollywood Theatre has a national reputation for award winning film programming, innovative educational programs, and fiscally supporting local filmmakers. The Theatre shows temporary and classic films. And it hosts live performances, film series, and special guests. Here, you can take in the glamour of the 20’s while enjoying modern technology. Sip a glass of wine while catching one of the latest movies, or attend a one day theater workshop. Find out more

Alberta Street Neighborhood5 spots in Portland | Visit Portland | SuiteAmerica | 800-367-9501

Vibrant Alberta Street boasts popular restaurants, shops, and galleries. Known for its funky feel, Alberta Street supports local businesses and offers visitors all kinds of local food and festivals. Read about this unique community at


Ping Pong’s Pint Sized Puppet Museum

And don’t forget to stop by Ping Pong’s Puppet Museum. It’s Oregon’s first and only puppet museum. Located in the historic Sellwood District, Ping Pong’s will teach you all about puppets. Take in a ventriloquist performance or learn how to build your own puppet. The building, an old railway station, has a beautiful outdoor seating area for shows. Check it out at


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