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Destination Services



Our three-tiered, premium level Destination Services program is an industry game changer. Period.

Our In-House Experts

Moving to a new city can be daunting. So we minimize the stress to our guests with a single point of contact with industry, real estate, and property management experience, and the ability to solve problems instantly. We don’t use contractors—our employees are vetted and trained so we can ensure a satisfying experience every time.

Our Tools

Our Destination Services package is streamlined to make the most of the transferee’s time. We’ll provide an iPad preloaded with their interactive itinerary but we have the agility to accommodate last-minute changes and requests. If something comes up, switching up plans is no problem.

Our Dedication

Providing one dedicated point-of-contact can also help manage appointments, registrations, and more. We can offer help locating the DMV, Social Security office, and getting kids enrolled in school.

Our Fleet Of Vehicles

Seeking out a neighborhood, a particular school, shopping, and other places of interests can be time consuming and exhausting. Our tours take place in a clean, well equipped Ford Explorer so guests can sit back and take in the area without worrying about navigation and driving.