Nightlife in Austin, TX…


Spend a Night On the Town with the Best Late-Night Activities In Austin

When the sun sets in Austin, the party is just beginning. In addition to its vast natural beauty and rustic cowboy culture, Austin is a great city for staying up late. The streets are full of young professionals, students and friendly people looking for a good time. With dozens of high-end bars and hopping dance clubs, Austin has everything you need to party into the wee hours of the morning. Discover how it feels to strut through this posh city at night with our top five late-night activities.

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Discover Orange County…

The magic continues in 2015 as Disneyland celebrates its 60th anniversary. Ride the monorail, dare to enter the Haunted Mansion, sing-along to It’s a Small World, take a twirl in the Mad Tea Party teacups, bobsled through the Matterhorn and take flight with Peter Pan. Walk across to the California Adventure Park and go Soarin’ Over California, scream as you drop through the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror, get drenched on the Grizzly River Run, play your way through the Toy Story Midway Mania and take a spin on Mickey’s Fun Wheel. Be sure to check out the Downtown Disney District for more magical shopping, eating and entertainment. Remember, it all started with a mouse.

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Thankful For

10 things we’re thankful for

At SuiteAmerica, there’s a lot to be thankful for…

  1. We’re thankful for our roots: A little over 20 years ago SuiteAmerica started with an idea from a husband and wife and has grown to over a hundred employees with multiple locations throughout the US!
  2. We’re thankful for our awesome team that continues to provide award winning customer service year over year.
  3. We’re thankful for our employees who donate their time to giving back to others.
  4. We’re thankful that as a company we’re able to support many great causes including Susan G Komen Race for the Cure to raise awareness and support for Breast Cancer.
  5. We’re thankful that SuiteAmerica has a successful employee owned ESOP.
  6. We’re thankful for all our partners that help furnish and setup our apartments.
  7. We’re thankful for cutting edge technology that helps set our company apart from other companies in the corporate housing industry.
  8. We’re thankful that we are able to provide 24/7 customer support.
  9. We’re thankful for our guests who continue to stay in corporate housing versus a traditional hotel room.
  10. And most of all we are thankful that we are able to provide another great year of corporate housing to over thousands of relocating families and business travelers!

SageQuest – Mobile Control

As SuiteAmerica has grown over the years, we have implemented many new processes to make our operations run more efficiently. We are constantly evaluating our internal operations and how we interact with our guests. Ultimately, we strive to provide customer service that is the best in the industry. To provide this top notch service to our guests we identified the need to improve communication between our guest service department in house and our distribution and housekeeping team members in the field. By improving the communication between these departments we felt it would help us to improve response times to service requests and allow us to perform more same day requests than we had in the past.

Service - SuiteAmerica VanIn our efforts to achieve more efficient communication for optimal response times to service requests, we implemented software called Mobile Control by SageQuest. SageQuest’s Mobile Control is a GPS based fleet management software that can be accessed online as well as through a mobile device or tablet. Mobile Control provides an interactive Google map that allows us to see, at any given time, the location of our vehicles as well as their activity (starts, stops, after hour movement, etc.). We are also able to pull reports, set alerts, and create geo-fencing for our most common properties. A geo-fence is commonly used in GPS software and is a virtual perimeter for a real world geographic area. Continue reading “SageQuest – Mobile Control”

Winning Sales Closing Tips

Take Your Sales from Good to Great

CareerEvery salesperson would like to excel at sales. What does it take to go from good to great in sales? I could mention dozens of different closing techniques to help increase your closing ratio, but I want to focus on some basics today that help salespeople excel in closing sales .

Many of these techniques will seem simple or self evident, but personalizing and customizing these techniques and then using them consistently, can increase your sales while having you enjoying the process more. Sales are an art when done professionally. Most of these techniques or skills are simple, but not always easy to remember when in a sales meeting or sales call. Using them consistently, practicing these techniques, and incorporating them into your sales process can help take your sales from good to great.

Start with the end in mind: Wanting to close the sale is one of the most important factors in closing a sale. You probably think, who wouldn’t want to close a sale-but every sales starts with focus, intention, and preparation. It is important to prepare for a sale with understanding your potential client, by doing a full background research about your prospective client. Review current news, social media, press releases, company website, be sure to do Internet research about the company and the CEO or president, to help prepare for your sales meeting or sales call. The better you understand the company and their current needs the more confident you will be in your sales presentation. People also appreciate when you can engage on a more informed level about their company and they appreciate that you have taken the time to become educated about their company.

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Mobile Apps Increase Business Productivity

Improved Business Communication and Productivity

SLC Minilypse-City LibraryAt SuiteAmerica, we are enthusiastic about mobile apps and technology.  We have found mobile apps have improved communication with clients and increased our productivity.  We were wondering what the statistics were about mobile apps and business productivity, so we did some research.  We were intrigued with the findings.  Bill French of iPad CTO mentions, “an Aberdeen survey of 240 enterprises suggests that [overall], the use of mobile apps designed specifically to help employees get their work done, increased productivity by 45%.  Further, the data reveals that operational efficiency rises almost as much (44%) when enterprise apps are made available.”

Some further interesting data, Bill French says, “The productivity and performance survey data demonstrates why mobile app strategies are taking on an increased importance and gaining momentum in corporate IT and executive suites.  But this awareness extends all the way down to the smallest businesses.  As a result, it’s not surprising to see how this realization is affecting mobile app strategies in all types of businesses.”

Aberdeen reports the top three mobile strategies and their respective percentages:

  • Improve communication and collaboration among team members (66%)
  • Rapidly deliver actionable information to the point of decision (48%)
  • Use mobile software to increase customer intimacy (42%)

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Relationship Tips for Temporary Assignment

Living Separately During Temporary Assignment

Couple-Walking_smallUsually we don’t go into relationship thinking; wouldn’t it be great to live separately.  Life doesn’t always flow the way we think it will.  Temporary assignments can throw a curve ball into the best of relationships when only one of a couple moves to a new city. It is not always possible for both people to move with a temporary assignment and the reasons are as varied as the people; careers, children in school, finishing a degree, parents in ill health, finances, etc.

As a corporate housing company, many of our relocation specialists hear the dilemmas people are dealing with in accepting a temporary assignment and have offered their compassion and suggestions to help smooth the path to their new city of relocation.  We offer some suggestions below from years of helping people make the best of a temporary assignment when only one of you moves:

Manage expectations: Communicate clearly about your needs, wants, finances, children, career, communication and anything else of importance to you as a couple.  Try to under promise and over deliver to minimize disappointments. Try to keep your pictures of how it should be in check and appreciate what is.

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Social Media-Art of Customer Engagement

Using Social Media to Accelerate Business Growth

groupHandshakeChoose the social networks that your clients use-that is best place to start your company’s social dialogue. The growth we have seen in social media from the height of MySpace in 2007 and SecondLife to Facebook and Twitter emerging as social media leaders in 2009 to the emergence of Foursquare and Groupon in 2010 is a trend we see in social media to constantly change and adapt to our use, lifestyle and businesses.

You are now able to build on the relationship capability of social networks with the addition of location-based elements we see the emergence of social shopping as a real opportunity for business.

As your company hones their social media presence, remember to keep some of your tried and true marketing tools because they still have an important role to play.  Websites, email, blogs newsletter, brochures, and CRM software still have their place.  All of these marketing elements help support your social media presence and give alternative communications avenues to support your customer service goals.  By combining traditional marketing with social media marketing techniques, you are able customize your marketing message and increase the impact of your company’s message.

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