Stay Safe When You Relocate

If you’rrelocating-to-albuquerquee relocating to a new city due to a job transfer or short-term assignment, heading to an unfamiliar area can be an exciting adventure, full of new things to discover. However, all cities have safety challenges, no matter how great the location. Here are some hone and travel safety tips that will help you enjoy your new location without worry.

emergency-phone-number-listKeep numbers nearby
Create a list of emergency phone numbers and place in a designated area. Include emergency numbers such as fire, police, poison control, hospital, etc. Also create a list of your work and cell phone numbers. If you have children, designate two other people to contact for help if you cannot be reached.

Know-your-neighborKnow your neighbors
By getting to know your neighbors and becoming familiar with each other’s basic schedules and routines, irregularities become more glaring. Noticing things that are out of place is the most common way for a member of the neighborhood to help local law enforcement stop crimes before anyone gets hurt.

Stoplight_Neoprene_Kids_Backpack-1Prepare the kiddos
Teach children their new address and phone number as quickly as possible.If an emergency should occur, your child should be able to communicate his or her first name, last name, address and phone number. There are many creative ways you can help children learn this information. Check out or
for some suggestions.

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