Spring Cleaning Tips

Out with the old, in with the new –  Clean up with SuiteAmerica

It’s that time again! Time to vacuum, dust, and organize! It may not be fun, but a clean, fresh start to the New Year will help create a balanced, stress free life for you and your family.housekeeping

Don’t get overwhelmed before you start

  • Make a list of each room in the house that needs to be cleaned and a sub-list of tasks that need to be addressed.
  • Stock up on trash bags, boxes, sponges, and multi-purpose cleaner so you have everything you need on hand. Don’t forget organizational tools such as boxes, bins, and shelves.
  • Open the windows to get some fresh air and the smell of cleaning products out
  • Turn up the volume on your favorite upbeat music playlist!

Divide and Conquer

  • The best way to tackle your spring cleaning is to start with the room that is your least favorite to clean or the room that has been neglected the longest.
  • Enlist the help of your family members by delegating small tasks and inform them of the time and days that will be dedicated to cleaning.
  • In each room, determine what you are going to throw away, and what you can donate. Separate the items and at the end of the day drop off your donations and throw away the trash so you can start fresh the following day with the next room in your home.
  • Gather your cleaning supplies in a bucket and carry from room to room.

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SuiteAmerica Participates in Race for the Cure 2014

Homepage-LinkSuiteAmerica Rounds up for the Cure!

SuiteAmerica is anxiously anticipating this years “Round up for the Cure”!  SuiteAmerica has been Silver Sponsors in the Susan G Komen Race for the Cure for over 18 years and supports an employee team annually. In addition to sponsoring a Race for the Cure employee team, SuiteAmerica hosts a variety of fundraisers to support the team’s efforts to achieve their support goal. SuiteAmerica employees have also personally offered financial contributions along with volunteering many hours to the Susan G Komen organization.

This year SuiteAmerica will be launching a few new fundraising initiatives logoincluding an office bake sale, lunch fundraiser and name fundraiser. The name fundraiser will encourage SuiteAmerica employees to donate a minimum donation of $10 per name to the Race for the Cure in honor of someone they know who has passed away or survived breast cancer.

SuiteAmerica is honored to contribute financially to Susan G Komen’s many events and programs throughout the year. In October 2012, we donated $10 for every new rental of a SuiteAmerica apartment nationwide. SuiteAmerica’s corporate office, located in El Dorado Hills, California, donated office space to the Susan G Komen Sacramento Valley Affiliate for 14 years. The annual estimated donation value of the office space is $25,000.

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