Safety Tips and Advice for Halloween

Having a Safe and Family Friendly Halloween

pumpkinsHalloween is an exciting time for kids, but there are also plenty of dangers lurking.   It is important to make safety a top priority to ensure a fun and festive evening for you and your children.  Here are a few safety rules for trick or treating on Halloween:


  • Make sure your child’s costumes fit and that  they can see clearly to prevent trips and falls
  • Apply makeup instead of having your child wear a mask.  Masks can be hot, uncomfortable, and can obstruct a child’s vision
  • Make sure costumes are visible at night.  If a costume is not light-colored, put a reflective tape on the front and back of it
  • Wear comfortable, safe shoes
  • Only purchase costumes that are flame retardant, so the little ones are not in danger near fire hazards

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