Benefits of San Jose Relocation

Working and Living in San Jose

iStock_SJ cityhall000001708991LargeSan Jose and the Silicon Valley are a major part of the San Francisco Bay Area, a region that is the sixth largest metropolitan area in the United States. If you are on temporary assignment or relocating to the San Jose area you will find why Money Magazine named it one of the Best Places to Live in 2006. San Jose has a rich historical heritage starting with being the first town in the Spanish colony Nueva California and then becoming California’s first capital when gaining statehood in 1850.

San Jose and the surrounding area has a lot to offer if you are being relocated or on temporary assignment to the San Jose area. For over 150 years San Jose was a small farming community surrounded by fields of cabbage, lettuce and tomatoes. San Jose and the surrounding area grew in the 1950’s and 1960’s and then with rapid growth of the high-tech industry in the 90’s became the booming center of the technological industry and received it’s nickname, Capital of Silicon Valley.  San Jose has much to offer other than being home to the innovative technology firms that we will explore below:

dog-in-boxLocation and Weather: San Jose is situated close to the Pacific Ocean and to San Francisco Bay. The Santa Clara Valley is the population center of the Bay Area with surrounding communities situated between four distinct valleys. The four valleys are the Almaden Valley, south of the city; Evergreen Valley to the south-east, which is very hilly; Santa Clara Valley, which is the urban expanse in the South Bay; and the more rural Coyote Valley, in the extreme south of the city. San Jose has a typical Bay Area climate; which is a subtropical Mediterranean with San Jose boasting 300 days of sunshine a year with an average daily temperature of 73?F annually. Living in the San Jose area you are close to San Francisco, Santa Cruz and Monterey, and many other great areas to explore. Continue reading “Benefits of San Jose Relocation”

Winning Sales Closing Tips

Take Your Sales from Good to Great

CareerEvery salesperson would like to excel at sales. What does it take to go from good to great in sales? I could mention dozens of different closing techniques to help increase your closing ratio, but I want to focus on some basics today that help salespeople excel in closing sales .

Many of these techniques will seem simple or self evident, but personalizing and customizing these techniques and then using them consistently, can increase your sales while having you enjoying the process more. Sales are an art when done professionally. Most of these techniques or skills are simple, but not always easy to remember when in a sales meeting or sales call. Using them consistently, practicing these techniques, and incorporating them into your sales process can help take your sales from good to great.

Start with the end in mind: Wanting to close the sale is one of the most important factors in closing a sale. You probably think, who wouldn’t want to close a sale-but every sales starts with focus, intention, and preparation. It is important to prepare for a sale with understanding your potential client, by doing a full background research about your prospective client. Review current news, social media, press releases, company website, be sure to do Internet research about the company and the CEO or president, to help prepare for your sales meeting or sales call. The better you understand the company and their current needs the more confident you will be in your sales presentation. People also appreciate when you can engage on a more informed level about their company and they appreciate that you have taken the time to become educated about their company.

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Winning Time Management Tips

Improve Your Time Management Skills

Two smiling business people greeting each otherTime management skills are something that people agree are important to personal and business success. How we learn time management is usually out of necessity. Our bad habits have created a critical juncture in our life, if we don’t adapt new skills sets our peace of mind, productivity, and business success will suffer. Many of us have learned time management skills, but it customizing those skills,  making them your own, and then consistently using your new skills that produces results and reduces stress.

There are some great rewards to learning time management skills:

  • The elimination of procrastination and avoidance of tasks you don’t enjoy
  • Less stress and worry about deadlines
  • Increased productivity and income
  • The time to relax and unwind
  • Increased enjoyment in your career

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San Diego Relocation

The Joys of Discovering San Diego

DolphinesYou might have a lot of questions popping into your mind about your move to San Diego for relocation or temporary assignment. What will it be like to move to a place known for it’s sun, surf, beaches and weather? We would like to discuss what makes San Diego a top travel destination, but also a top choice for relocation or temporary assignment.

Permanent Vacation: Just consider that you are moving to a place that will let you feel like you are on permanent vacation, it has something to do with the beaches, sun, surf, and weather. If you are moving from the Northeast or Northwest the weather will be an adjustment, because unlike many places in the United States, San Diego doesn’t have distinct seasons-how about a 70-degree temperature year round. So weather is a major plus for being happy about your San Diego relocation. More sunny days than many places in the United States creates a slower pace of life and some very happy people.

SurfingBeaches & Sun: If you are a water person, you probably think this is the best decision your company has ever made. There are so many beaches and bays in the San Diego area that the possibilities for fun and sun are endless. From renting a kayak to jet skis, sunset cruises, snorkeling, scuba or deep-sea fishing the ways to spell FUN in San Diego are only limited by your imagination. Add in sailing, or taking a cruise over to Catalina, para-sailing, wake boarding or surfing-when are you going to have time to work?

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