Corporate Housing More Than a Business Solution

An Underutilized Resource in Multiple Situations

iStock_000021736546SmallWhy would you choose corporate housing over a hotel room or extended stay hotel?  A hotel stay fits a typical one or two week vacation great, but with extended vacations or temporary stays over a two week period, people miss the comforts of home.  Maid service is wonderful, but you miss having a refrigerator stocked with your favorite foods and a hotel room can become confining for longer stays with it’s average of 300 square feet.  For travelers with an extended stay in one area corporate housing is a tremendous resource.

For extended stays, corporate apartments are more economical that a typical hotel room of the same quality.  Most clients find a break-even point is about 21 days; this is the tipping point when a corporate apartment becomes a better choice economically than a hotel room.  Corporate apartments come fully furnished and can be customized to meet your particular needs.  Also, with stays greater than 30 days a client is not subject to hotel taxes, which can be up to 25% of the room cost in some areas.

Freeing yourself form the confines of a hotel room by choosing a furnished apartment gives you an average of 750 square feet of living space; parking, an exercise facility, swimming pool, washer and dryer, high speed Internet, utilities, luxurious bed and bath amenities and a fully equipped kitchen.  Corporate housing gives you many of the comforts of home at a price that is hard to beat.

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The Success Edge-Goal Setting

The Critical Difference in Goal Achievement

4083276-happy-team-of-customer-service-operators-calling-on-phoneMany of us have been to goal setting workshops, made New Year’s resolutions or have attained goals.  But what makes goal setting work?  Why is goal setting a critical component in achieving success personally or in business?  A wise man once said, you would pack differently if you knew you were traveling to New York rather than Hawaii.  An obvious fact, but why do some people achieve goals while others seem to take a slalom course through life?

Psychology, attitude, and aptitude are discussed in many books from Richard Bolles’s What Color is Your Parachute to Stephen Covey’s Seven Habits of Highly Successful People and how they influence attaining your goals.  But, it is Mark McCormack’s book, What They Don’t Teach You at Harvard Business School that explains the 1979 Harvard Business School study with students in the MBA program at Harvard, outlining the critical difference goal setting makes in attaining goals.

Students were asked, “Have you set clear, written goals for your future and made plans to accomplish them?”  The results were startling from a MBA program, only 3 % of the graduates had written goals and plans; 13% had goals, but not written, and the majority, 84% had no specific goals set at all.

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Career Opportunities and Temporary Assignments

What Are the Benefits of Temporary Assignment?

CareerWhy would you want to take a temporary assignment with your company?  A temporary assignment doesn’t always herald job death, but can be the vehicle for expanding your career opportunities.  When a corporation is going through major growth and expansion, sometimes your career path can seem less clear, especially when you are offered a temporary assignment.

As a corporate housing company, our personal transition coordinators have heard both the personal and career oriented choices people are addressing with accepting a temporary assignment.  We have listed below some possible benefits to your career in accepting a temporary assignment:

The opportunity to gain experience and skills: A temporary assignment can give you an opportunity to learn new skills and gain valuable experience that wouldn’t be possible with your present position.  Pilot programs or testing new markets for company expansion brings opportunities to people that are willing to take on a temporary assignment.  Clear communication is important in ascertaining whether this is truly a temporary assignment or whether a division or company office is being downsized due to a company merger or acquisition. When you have all the facts, you can make the best decision for your career and personal life.

The opportunity to flex your job skills: A temporary assignment can give you the opportunity to flex both your job skills and management abilities.  Often you can find your career path blocked in a corporation; but with a temporary assignment, all new vistas can open up for career advancement and personal development.

Networking opportunities: New city, position, colleagues and opportunities for making connections with people you would have never known had you not taken the temporary assignment being offered.  Networking and expanding your sphere of influence is the juice that propels careers forward; you can see your temporary assignment as an opportunity to kick your career up a notch.

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Relationship Tips for Temporary Assignment

Living Separately During Temporary Assignment

Couple-Walking_smallUsually we don’t go into relationship thinking; wouldn’t it be great to live separately.  Life doesn’t always flow the way we think it will.  Temporary assignments can throw a curve ball into the best of relationships when only one of a couple moves to a new city. It is not always possible for both people to move with a temporary assignment and the reasons are as varied as the people; careers, children in school, finishing a degree, parents in ill health, finances, etc.

As a corporate housing company, many of our relocation specialists hear the dilemmas people are dealing with in accepting a temporary assignment and have offered their compassion and suggestions to help smooth the path to their new city of relocation.  We offer some suggestions below from years of helping people make the best of a temporary assignment when only one of you moves:

Manage expectations: Communicate clearly about your needs, wants, finances, children, career, communication and anything else of importance to you as a couple.  Try to under promise and over deliver to minimize disappointments. Try to keep your pictures of how it should be in check and appreciate what is.

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The Technology Investment Equation

Technology Investments Questions & Tips


New technology can help companies innovate and streamline their business. We have listed some questions to consider before making the investment in time and money in new technology for your company, helping you to evaluate whether the technology will be a sustainable investment for your business.

Some questions to ask before making the investment:

What is the technology and what will it do for our company?
You should be able to understand how the technology works and what it will do for your company.  Seek alternative opinions and input from colleagues about the pros and cons before adopting a new technology.  A new technology should simplify a process, relationships, system or end result, if not it is probably not the best choice.

Who makes the technology?
If your company is going to rely on a new technology it is best to find out everything, you can about the company who manufactures the technology, technical support and customer service before you invest.

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