Relocation Survival Guide: Packing and Moving Tips

Good Planning Reduces the Stress of Moving

Family unpacking boxes in new home smiling

Thriving during relocation involves good planning and anticipating possible challenges before they happen.  We would like to provide some moving advice and a checklist that can help you be proactive in thriving during the transition period.  Many of these tips may seem obvious, but often get overlooked in the fast pace of a move.

From experience, we know the importance of  putting together a relocation survival kit, those items that make the transition period less stressful and allow you to glide through the moving process.  The items listed below are items we suggest are your do-not-pack items:

  • Luggage to pack 3-5 days of clothing for each member of your family
  • Personal survival kit for each family member including: toiletries, toilet paper, makeup, hair dryer, medication, supplements, etc.
  • Tool Set for disassembling and reassembling furniture
  • Protect your memoriesif an item is irreplaceable, don’t pack it (including bills to be paid for the next month), valuables (passport, birth certificates, etc.), and jewelry
  • Snacks and food for moving day

Tips for insuring a smooth moving day success


We have found that disorganization and lack of planning can make moving day stressful for clients.  With a little forethought and implementing some of the hints below, you might find that you sail through moving day with ease.

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Social Media-Art of Customer Engagement

Using Social Media to Accelerate Business Growth

groupHandshakeChoose the social networks that your clients use-that is best place to start your company’s social dialogue. The growth we have seen in social media from the height of MySpace in 2007 and SecondLife to Facebook and Twitter emerging as social media leaders in 2009 to the emergence of Foursquare and Groupon in 2010 is a trend we see in social media to constantly change and adapt to our use, lifestyle and businesses.

You are now able to build on the relationship capability of social networks with the addition of location-based elements we see the emergence of social shopping as a real opportunity for business.

As your company hones their social media presence, remember to keep some of your tried and true marketing tools because they still have an important role to play.  Websites, email, blogs newsletter, brochures, and CRM software still have their place.  All of these marketing elements help support your social media presence and give alternative communications avenues to support your customer service goals.  By combining traditional marketing with social media marketing techniques, you are able customize your marketing message and increase the impact of your company’s message.

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Art of Customer Engagement

Enhanced Service Through Social Media

The cornerstone of excellent customer service is a high degree of trust that fosters a quality relationship. No matter how good the newest widget, it is only a tool to help develop a simpler way to maintain a good relationship with clients.  Whether we are talking CRM software or the newest mobile application, the tool is only as good as the trust and relationship building skills of the company liaisons.

It always comes down to the relationship and trust that has been built between a company and their clients.  There are three fundamental pillars for establishing trust with a client:

  • Integrity: This part of the equation is based on behavior and is driven by a company’s consistency and transparency in relationship to their business and clients.  It has never been more important to be consistent since with social media any bad news travels fast via social media channels.  Any one can have an off day, but what happens the remainder of the year is what counts.  When a company gets bad press or has a customer service challenge, they need to respond quickly, address the situation calmly and honestly, acknowledge it, make it right and move on.
  • Ability: This is based on the quality of a product plus customer service and is judged by demonstrable results in the consumer arena.  Poor customer service can undermine the best of products and eventually the clients trust.
  • Behavior: Clients look for congruent behavior with implicit and explicit brand and business values; and responsiveness to the client based on those values.  Incongruities between behavior and values erodes trust and the relationships that a company has worked hard to build with clients.

Both TOMS Shoes and Zappos are great examples of these principles in action. Both companies focus on their culture, consistency and keeping values and goals in sync with both management and their employees.  Also both companies have broken many traditional business rules, but have risen to the top through their united values and their commitment to providing excellent customer service. Toms and Zappos are great examples of company outreach through social media. See some wonderful examples of corporate social media outreach: Twitter-Zappos, Twitter-Toms-Shoes, Facebook-Zappos, Facebook-Toms-Shoes

Social networking can accelerate your business growth and your customer service engagement.

Next week we will explore customer service enhancement with social media tools.