Relocating? How to Avoid Loneliness in a New City

San Francisco Bay

Relocating to a new city can be an exciting experience. With new places to explore and people to meet, a new city can be a unique adventure full of opportunities to learn and grow. However, it’s not uncommon to feel a sense of longing for what was left behind. Here are some tips on how to cope with feeling homesick.

Stay Connected

Set up a routine for talking to friends and family. If your environment allows it, make time for a weekly phone call or Skype dates with loved ones. If time changes make phone calls a challenge, use email, or Facebook or other social media sites to stay in touch. Even a virtual game of Scrabble with a friend can keep you from feeling world’s away.

Make a List/Discover Something New

Before your move, make a list of all of the places you’d like to visit in your new city. Include things like restaurants, museums, parks and walking trails. Research online to find ideas on what your new city has to offer, and add items of interest to your list. Utilize Google Maps to help you locate interesting landmarks. Resolve to visit a new place at least once a week.

Meet New PeopleRelocation Portland Oregon

Continuing with activities that you enjoy will give you the opportunity to meet new people with like interests. If you love to exercise, join a health club or walking group. If you’re crafty, look for knitting groups or scrapbooking clubs in your area. You can also check for meetings and get-togethers that focus on a wide variety of interests from book clubs to paddle boarding, and are listed by location.

Get Involved

Volunteering can not only provide you with a sense of accomplishment, it can also help you connect to a new community and meet others who are civic minded. Donate your professional skills to a non-profit organization, or spend the day assisting those in need. By doing something different from your daily job, you will not only be helping others, but you will be contributing to your own personal growth and self-esteem. Check out a list of volunteer opportunities at or check with your local library or town hall.

SuiteAmerica understands the process of relocating to a new city and the stresses that can come from getting familiar with your new home.  Check out our CityScapes Relocation Services to help you learn more about what’s hot in your new city.

Respecting your Roommate & Common Area

Staying with SuiteAmerica in an upcoming intern program? Sharing a 2 or 3 bedroom apartment with a roommate or roommates? SuiteAmerica has put together some great tips to help assist you while living with a roommate.

cleaning upRespect Personal Space

Evading boundaries and privacy is probably one of the fastest way to drive a wedge between you and your new roommate. Remember the rule of thumb, don’t touch what doesn’t belong to you. You can avoid confrontation by asking before borrowing or moving something and keeping things in your own area.

Be Courteous with shared space

Be prepared to compromise, not everyone has the same idea of living as you may. Respect common spaces such as the living room, bathroom and dining areas. Be courteous of sleeping habits, as to not disturb anyone, by keeping the noise levels down after certain times of night. Communicate problems right away and be clear from the beginning on your expectations.

Do your part95650191

You don’t have to be a clean freak to do your part; simply cleaning up after yourself, especially within common areas can eliminate potential disagreements. Things such as taking care of dirty dishes after eating or cooking, keeping up on laundry and rotating household chores are all great ways to contribute.

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5 Places to visit while staying in Utah


Part 2 of our top 5 places to visit while relocating with SuiteAmerica - our next pit stop is Utah!

Relocating to Utah? Or do you already live there and are looking for some sites to see? We’ve put together a list of 5 places that are must see attractions for current or future residents of Utah.

1. Utah Museum of Natural History

Museum-of-Natural-HistoryAn architectural marvel and a case study in “green” design created by community generosity; we welcome you to the Natural History Museum of Utah at the Rio Tinto Center.

For more information call 801.581.4203 or check out their website at

2. Temple Square & Genealogy

Temple-SquareTemple Square, located in beautiful downtown Salt Lake City, has all the services needed for a wonderful visit. Amazing restaurants, exquisite gardens and interesting historical sites are found on the thirty-five acre site.

For More information call 801.240.1706 or check out their website at

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5 Places to visit while staying in New Jersey


Relocating to New Jersey? Or do you already live there and are looking for some sites to see? We’ve put together a list of 5 places that are must see attractions for current or future residents of New Jersey.

5 Places to visit while staying in New Jersey:


1.  New Jersey State Museum

A series of exhibitions, special events, and programs showcasing four distinct collection areas-Archaeology/Ethnology, Cultural History, Fine Art, and Natural History

For More information call 609.292.6464 or check out their website at

Jersey-Shore2. The Jersey Shore
130 miles of coastline known as “The Jersey Shore”, spans from Sandy Hook to Cape May. The white-sand beach is the perfect place for you and your family to enjoy a fun filled day of swimming, surfing and sun bathing!

For More information check out the website below

3. Statue of Libertystatue-of-liberty

Symbolizing universal freedom and democracy, the Statue of Liberty was a gift of friendship from the people of France to the people of the United States. From Liberty State park, catch a ferry to the visit Lady Liberty.

For More information call 212.668.2251 or check out their website at

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Spring Cleaning Tips

Out with the old, in with the new –  Clean up with SuiteAmerica

It’s that time again! Time to vacuum, dust, and organize! It may not be fun, but a clean, fresh start to the New Year will help create a balanced, stress free life for you and your family.housekeeping

Don’t get overwhelmed before you start

  • Make a list of each room in the house that needs to be cleaned and a sub-list of tasks that need to be addressed.
  • Stock up on trash bags, boxes, sponges, and multi-purpose cleaner so you have everything you need on hand. Don’t forget organizational tools such as boxes, bins, and shelves.
  • Open the windows to get some fresh air and the smell of cleaning products out
  • Turn up the volume on your favorite upbeat music playlist!

Divide and Conquer

  • The best way to tackle your spring cleaning is to start with the room that is your least favorite to clean or the room that has been neglected the longest.
  • Enlist the help of your family members by delegating small tasks and inform them of the time and days that will be dedicated to cleaning.
  • In each room, determine what you are going to throw away, and what you can donate. Separate the items and at the end of the day drop off your donations and throw away the trash so you can start fresh the following day with the next room in your home.
  • Gather your cleaning supplies in a bucket and carry from room to room.

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SuiteAmerica Participates in Race for the Cure 2014

Homepage-LinkSuiteAmerica Rounds up for the Cure!

SuiteAmerica is anxiously anticipating this years “Round up for the Cure”!  SuiteAmerica has been Silver Sponsors in the Susan G Komen Race for the Cure for over 18 years and supports an employee team annually. In addition to sponsoring a Race for the Cure employee team, SuiteAmerica hosts a variety of fundraisers to support the team’s efforts to achieve their support goal. SuiteAmerica employees have also personally offered financial contributions along with volunteering many hours to the Susan G Komen organization.

This year SuiteAmerica will be launching a few new fundraising initiatives logoincluding an office bake sale, lunch fundraiser and name fundraiser. The name fundraiser will encourage SuiteAmerica employees to donate a minimum donation of $10 per name to the Race for the Cure in honor of someone they know who has passed away or survived breast cancer.

SuiteAmerica is honored to contribute financially to Susan G Komen’s many events and programs throughout the year. In October 2012, we donated $10 for every new rental of a SuiteAmerica apartment nationwide. SuiteAmerica’s corporate office, located in El Dorado Hills, California, donated office space to the Susan G Komen Sacramento Valley Affiliate for 14 years. The annual estimated donation value of the office space is $25,000.

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Stay with SuiteAmerica during the Holidays

Looking for a place to stay during the holidays?

Whether you’re heading home or having company for the holidays… SuiteAmerica can provide the perfect fully furnished solution while saving you the headache and stress!

With over 20 years of experience we’ve compiled several great tips to help you minimize stress during your travels. Since we couldn’t list them all we thought we would give you a list of our top 5.

Avoid high traffic travel times

  • When traveling to your destination this holiday season try to fly or drive on the day of the holiday to minimize wait times, congestion and high traffic times!
  • If you can’t avoid traveling during a high traffic time, try to leave early in the morning or late at night when traffic is minimal compared to the middle of the day.

Pack  only the necessary items

  • Don’t pack for a month when you’re only staying for a couple of days (We know… easier said than done!).
  • Plan out each days outfits a head of time and only bring accessories that are necessary.
  • Flying to your destination? Pack travel size liquids (under 3.4 ounces) and don’t forget your quart size plastic ziplock bag! Continue reading

Thankful For

10 things we’re thankful for

At SuiteAmerica, there’s a lot to be thankful for…

  1. We’re thankful for our roots: A little over 20 years ago SuiteAmerica started with an idea from a husband and wife and has grown to over a hundred employees with multiple locations throughout the US!
  2. We’re thankful for our awesome team that continues to provide award winning customer service year over year.
  3. We’re thankful for our employees who donate their time to giving back to others.
  4. We’re thankful that as a company we’re able to support many great causes including Susan G Komen Race for the Cure to raise awareness and support for Breast Cancer.
  5. We’re thankful that SuiteAmerica has a successful employee owned ESOP.
  6. We’re thankful for all our partners that help furnish and setup our apartments.
  7. We’re thankful for cutting edge technology that helps set our company apart from other companies in the corporate housing industry.
  8. We’re thankful that we are able to provide 24/7 customer support.
  9. We’re thankful for our guests who continue to stay in corporate housing versus a traditional hotel room.
  10. And most of all we are thankful that we are able to provide another great year of corporate housing to over thousands of relocating families and business travelers!

SageQuest – Mobile Control

As SuiteAmerica has grown over the years, we have implemented many new processes to make our operations run more efficiently. We are constantly evaluating our internal operations and how we interact with our guests. Ultimately, we strive to provide customer service that is the best in the industry. To provide this top notch service to our guests we identified the need to improve communication between our guest service department in house and our distribution and housekeeping team members in the field. By improving the communication between these departments we felt it would help us to improve response times to service requests and allow us to perform more same day requests than we had in the past.

Service - SuiteAmerica VanIn our efforts to achieve more efficient communication for optimal response times to service requests, we implemented software called Mobile Control by SageQuest. SageQuest’s Mobile Control is a GPS based fleet management software that can be accessed online as well as through a mobile device or tablet. Mobile Control provides an interactive Google map that allows us to see, at any given time, the location of our vehicles as well as their activity (starts, stops, after hour movement, etc.). We are also able to pull reports, set alerts, and create geo-fencing for our most common properties. A geo-fence is commonly used in GPS software and is a virtual perimeter for a real world geographic area. Continue reading

Safety Tips and Advice for Halloween

Having a Safe and Family Friendly Halloween

pumpkinsHalloween is an exciting time for kids, but there are also plenty of dangers lurking.   It is important to make safety a top priority to ensure a fun and festive evening for you and your children.  Here are a few safety rules for trick or treating on Halloween:


  • Make sure your child’s costumes fit and that  they can see clearly to prevent trips and falls
  • Apply makeup instead of having your child wear a mask.  Masks can be hot, uncomfortable, and can obstruct a child’s vision
  • Make sure costumes are visible at night.  If a costume is not light-colored, put a reflective tape on the front and back of it
  • Wear comfortable, safe shoes
  • Only purchase costumes that are flame retardant, so the little ones are not in danger near fire hazards

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